"As a professional trainer I handle a wide variety of horses on a daily basis. Many of these horses are finely tuned athletes competing at a national level over strenuous jump courses, while others are young and exuberant, older and stiff, or came from another strenuous sport such as racing. In all cases horses are 1,000+ pound animals that seem to find any way they can to damage themselves. Dr. Doyle has been instrumental in maintaining the strength, flexibility and soundness of all of the horses in my barn, from the high performance horses to the trail riding companions. As a life-time horse person, his knowledge of horses goes beyond what can be taught in a classroom. This depth of knowledge allows him to comprehend the big-picture of each horse, and the understanding of how their career impacts them both physically and mentally. As a result he is able to address each individual horses needs and the chiropractic work he performs is comprehensive and yields incredible results. Dr. Doyle is the first person me, and my clients, call when the horses have that 'not quite right' look, and virtually every time the chiropractic adjustment returns the horse to performing at their full potential." -Liz Gioja, owner/trainer Pair of Aces Stables

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